My psychologist once explained the Neurodiverse brain as it relates to Autism to me as follows: Normal (Neurotypical) individuals approach tasks in a very systematic way and they are able to control their thoughts mostly. It is like they are standing in a corridor with a lot of doors which each represent a task or thought. When they want to do a task or access a memory, they simply open the required door, go into the room, and complete the task or thought. When they are finished, they leave the room and close the door. Now they can move on to the next task/thought.

With Autistic individuals such as myself, the process is a bit more intense. It is like I am standing in the very same corridor with many more doors. The big difference is that all the doors in my corridor are always open at once! I think my doodles explain this “busy” aspect of a neurodiverse mind very well. “THE UNDERCURRENT” which weaves through the whole exhibition symbolizes my constant and busy thoughts, which is always there. But now I’ve learned to welcome it as my friend and utilize it to my and others’ advantage.