Did you know that only about 13% of Autistic Adults are in full-time employment? This is a staggering amount of people! The world today is made for (and by) Neuro-typical people.

The Autistic and wider Neurodivergent community have so many talents to offer if we can only offer insight and a few adjustments to accommodate them.

That is why I decided to pursue my art fulltime, to accommodate me and my needs.

The reason I decided to hold a Solo Exhibition was to show the wider Autistic and Neurodivergent community what they are capable of! To pave the way for many more whose talents are going to waste at the moment.

MOST OF ALL: I wanted to show my Autistic Daughter what she can also achieve one day and she never needs to be ashamed of her diagnosis.

By buying my art, you are supporting my dream. This is my career and I need all the support I can get! By buying a piece of art, you are spreading beauty, but also buying a tennis raquet for a girl, putting diesel in my car and helping me to afford new art supplies!

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